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The Group recognises that employees are key assets and conveys its appreciation by providing a safe and conducive work environment for employees. Training is regarded as an integral part of the success and efficiency of the Group’s operations. A range of training programmes were identified through the training needs analysis in order to upgrade employees’ skills and competencies.

In addition, the company conducts in-house training and also engages external training houses to provide technical training, workshops, courses and seminars to equip employees with skills which are aligned to the Group’s objectives and direction as well as keep them abreast of any new developments in their field of work.

The company also takes part in community service actively by donating books to school libraries, community libraries and charitable organisations. Books are also given to children and students from poor and needy families every year. In 2010, cash donations were also made to LLG Culture Development Centre Berhad, Silat Kalimah Antarabangsa and Persatuan Kebajikan Bekas Anggota Skuad 69 PDRM. For sponsorship enquiries, kindly email to Ms. Elin at elin@pelangibooks.com

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